Massive Making is a tailor-made residency in your school!

massive Making

You can have one or two Massive tutors come into your secondary school and work with students. Artistic Director, Sam Scott, consults with the teacher/s to design the best possible residency for the students' needs.


If you would like to discuss Massive Making in more detail, feel free to email us. If you’d like to register your interest in our 2019 Massive Making workshops, please click on the link below.


Massive Making is a tailor-made residency in your school. It's usually for 2 days, but we can tailor it to your needs!


This workshop focuses on how Massive makes theatre and puts the students in the ‘making seat.' It is often used as a one-off experience of our practice which may go on to influence the student’s future devising/making projects, e.g. with juniors.


It is also useful at the beginning of a devising unit of work to get the students generating material and thinking around how and what they might create.

Even though Massive is based in Auckland, please note we do travel nationally and internationally to deliver these workshops. So please do still get in touch if you are outside of Auckland.

Our students were able to experience true ‘authenticity’ in the approach, nature and outcomes from their work. The material generated, and processes followed, opened our students’ eyes up to what a day in the life of performer/actor/theatre maker really involves out the industry and gave them the hunger to shift their commitment and impulses within their own work to a new level of real heart and impact.
— Ryan Benjamin - Teacher - McAuley Highschool

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