Artistic Directors Message - 2018

But theatre isn't about the production of perfectly formed shows to be experienced and judged in isolation, like paintings hanging on a bare wall. Theatre is live, handmade – reactive, ephemeral, messy. It is at its best when it shows its workings, when it acknowledges the processes that went into making it: the conversations, the long walks, the ideas, the wrong turns, the moments of improbable luck. It's when this happens that theatre becomes not just art, not just entertainment, but a dialogue – an open invitation to think and talk about how we get on with things.
Andy Field


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Kia ora

Welcome to Massive Company in 2018.

I love this quote from Andy Field, it encapsulates what we believe about theatre at Massive and what we hope it encourages in everyone we engage with.

How we get on with things at Massive Company is what I would like to talk about here.  I want to elucidate on what is unique and valuable about Massive.

We are a professional theatre company with youth at our heart. We are a home you can grow with and return to.

These are the opening sentences of our strategy document.

By professional we mean just that.  Everything we create, how we work and what we expect from each other across the company, is at a professional level.  We have very high standards, we love working hard and with excellence as our goal.  Our company is a combo company of emerging artists through to those working full time in the performing arts.  Our company's age range is 14 - 65 years old.

Youth at our heart, is a complex statement and has several parts to it.

Young people are placed front and centre at Massive and are the beating heart of the company.  We love encouraging, developing and working alongside our young people as performing artists. We can’t grow our overall company or our community without them being at the heart of it all.  Youth at our heart is also an articulation of our ethos and approach to life.  It is key to all our work.  All our company are youthful in body and spirit no matter what age.  We are continually playful, we are curious, we are passionate, we are brave on a daily basis.

We are a home you can grow with and return to, is another multi-faceted statement.  Massive is a home, a company, that welcomes everyone who loves what Massive does.  You don’t have to ever leave Massive if it is somewhere you want to have as a base for always or sometimes.  We are a bespoke company.  By that I mean we treat everyone as the individual they are.  We see, talk and consider with each person, what it is they need and want.  We design our shows, development, training and mentoring in response to these needs and wants.  We encourage ongoing curiosity so that they are vital practitioners all of the time. I love working amidst such an ongoing desire to keep exploring and seeing what can be, in all that we do. I learn every day from this and continue to grow.

2018 is our 27th year of being.  We are still around and will be for a long time, because we know who we are and value what makes us unique. We are a complex company and I love that.  We can’t be boxed, and I love that too.

I invite anyone reading this who hasn’t experienced Massive Company to please make yourself known to us, we welcome you and the conversations we can have. For those who have experienced Massive, I look forward to the continued conversations, the dialogue, that our work invokes in you.

Mā te wā

Sam Scott MNZM

Artistic Director - Massive Company