Sally Markham Memorial fund

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Sally Markham MNZM, 1943-2013, was Massive Company’s patron and long time champion and collaborator.

She was an extraordinary arts educator who put young people at the centre of all she did. Sally believed that every child and young person should have exposure to the arts, so that they could dream, think and realize ideas in a way that only the arts could enable.

She brokered amazing and life changing partnerships with performing artists and educators to have a profound and lasting impact on the lives of the young people they worked with, as well as their own.

Youth was in her heart
— Taane Mete

When Sally passed away after a fiery fight with cancer in April 2013, she generously left Massive Company some funds from her estate to go towards benefiting young people in the performing arts and this is the basis of The Sally Markham Memorial Grant.

This grant is about celebrating her life and all it entailed.


What is the Sally Markham Memorial Fund?

It is an annual grant or grants of up to $2,000.00 which is applied for by those from Massive Company.

Those applying must be going to use the grant for:


Further Study where young people in the performing arts will benefit from this study.

Further study of the performing arts by a young person i.e. Aged between 16 – 25 years.

A performing arts project by a young person i.e. aged between 16-25 years.

A performing arts project that will benefit young people in the performing arts.

Any other project or endeavor that will inform, develop or engage young people in the performing arts.


When do you apply

You apply between April 1st – 31st May. No late applications will be considered.


How Do you Apply

The maximum amount you can apply for is $2,000.00. You can apply for any amount i.e. $500.00. The panel may decide to make one grant of $2,000.00 to one person or several smaller grants to several people, totalling $2,000.00

Your application for a grant needs to have:


A covering letter with all your main details on it including: name, age, all contact detail’s, what you are currently doing i.e. work, study and why, how you are involved with Massive Company, your history with the Company and your journey so far with Massive Company (this is because there may be people looking at your application who don’t personally know you).

An overview of your project or study, outlining: what it is, who is involved, where it is , why its important, and how it will impact on young people in the performing arts (you may be a young person so how will it impact on you and your pathway?).

Any support material you think might be important in order for the panel to fully appreciate and understand your application.

A budget, outlining all costs of your project or study and what other funding you are seeking or have secured for this.


Where do you send your application?

Post   The Sally Markham Memorial Fund

           Massive Company

           PO Box 6071,

           Wellesley Street

           Auckland 1141.