My Bed My Universe



Written by: Gary Henderson

Directed by: Sam Scott

In collaboration with NZ Trio

Devised and performed by: Neil Amituanai, Dominic Ona-Ariki, Miriama McDowell, Wesley Dowdell, Max Palamo, Tuyet Nguyen, Justine Cormack, Ashley Brown & Sarah Watkins.

Design by: Lighting by Jane Hakaraia, with Animation by CUT COLLECTIVE, and costumes by Daniel Williams. 

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"My story is written in laughter and strife, if you know how to read it you can see my whole life" - Gary Henderson.

Honouring the people, soundscapes and places that make us who we are and shape the worlds we live in, My Bed My Universe is rooted in the rhythms of the everyday riffs of New Zealand. A genre-busting, eye-opening theatrical event that roams the perplexing space between the moment we wake and the moment we return to our beds to sleep, it’s layered with original live music, surprising sonic mixes, melodic vocalisation and beautiful physical theatre.

My Bed My Universe evolves out of a dynamic and utterly unique collision of some of New Zealand’s leading creative talents – a script by playwriting legend Gary Henderson, direction by the indomitable Sam Scott, the bold, urban voices of Massive Company, fresh sounds from Indie composer Chris O’Connor and mind-blowing modern classical music from the NZTrio.


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