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Massive is a professional theatre company with youth at our heart


The Massive Story

We create new theatre for emerging and professional actors

Founded by Samantha Scott MNZM in 1991 the Maidment Youth Theatre was later renamed Massive Company.

We are a professional contemporary physical ensemble company.  We create new theatre with emerging and professional actors, directors and writers.  Our work comes from real stories reflecting the rich diversity of Aotearoa.  

We are also a leading company in developing young artists.  Through access to free workshops and ongoing mentoring, emerging artists are able to become a part of the company from age fourteen and stay with us throughout their professional career.   

Massive is a pathway, a whānau and a way to create excellent theatre.

Become part of massive company

Starting off

Come to one of our workshops

further Training

You can join Massive Nui Ensemble.

You can become part of The Directors Lab

Working with massive

As a director, performer or tutor

Our door is always Open 

We invite you to join us, to observe & be in the room with us as we work.

We enjoy having people join us as we make our work. We believe theatre is a great way to truly share, and for people to make real heart to heart connections with each other. 

Click on the links below to see upcoming events for Directors Lab and Massive Nui Ensemble showings, sign up for our newsletter to receive regular information about our events, or like us on Facebook.  Please also feel free to email us for any further enquiries or to observe rehearsals.

Massive way

What is important to us

A Desire for excellence

We create work of excellence as a company and as individuals. When the work gets tough and we are tired we will strive for excellence and never settle for mediocrity. It takes bloody hard work to make theatre and we love that.


We’ll try anything and everything to find the gold and give it 100% commitment. We will dive into the work even when the outcome is unclear or unknown.

Sense of Belonging

This company is about everyone involved owning the work and their place within it. Massive is all the people who make it up, it is your company, we care deeply about you and we walk alongside you. The Massive whānau embraces and welcomes our wider community.


We work to be vital and present in all we do. We work with a no bullshit attitude. We love to work with real stories. We make theatre that tells our stories and makes sense of our life, our world. We voice truths and perspectives that need to be said out loud and shared. We want to be deeply seen.

Playful Spirit & Spirited Play

We love people who love to play. We love to be competitive and irreverent. Playing is at the heart of everything we do.


We have big energy, excitement and hunger for the work. We love to play, love to pretend and love to perform. We love to work collaboratively and as an ensemble.


You can join any Massive Company workshop for free. You can observe any aspect of Massive Company working at any time. You can see any Massive show for koha or at an affordable ticket price. You can be part of Massive Company if you love what we do.


We ask questions and seek out answers about what theatre can be. We are always questioning – “is this theatrical?” “Why?” “Who do we want to watch?” and “what is the best way to tell the story here?” We are a curious company ever seeking knowledge and understanding of all we do.

ready to receive, ready to give

Massive trains dynamic and vital performers to be able to receive whatever is coming at you and ready to give back so the work continues to grow. We value respect between us all.



We believe that great theatre needs good complicité between performers. With good complicité there is a spark, warmth and connection that we love to watch. It can be naughty, loving, and weird, many things, but it is real and we love to watch this.


We value complicité between all company members on and off stage; also with our partners and collaborators. We love to be with them, work for them and create with them.

Massive Workshops

Massive Company offers a variety of workshops for students, emerging and professional actors, drama teachers and schools.


Intro to Devising with Massive

for ages 14 - 25 years

Intro to Devising with Massive

for ages 25 and up

Teachers Workshop

for Teachers

Massive Making

for Schools

Massive productions

Current Productions

Body of Work

Massive pathways

Massive Nui Ensemble

Directors Lab

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